Orpheus Device Test Page


This page includes various interactive elements that may be included in the game. The purpose of this page is to demonstrate these for testing on your device.

We recommend that you use a modern and up-to-date web browser such as Google Chrome on desktop, and Safari/Chrome on mobile/tablet devices.

On this page you should see the following:

  • A pop up as you entered the page (refresh to test)
  • A mini game in which the logo can be dragged and dropped around
  • A sample book that can be navigated
  • A video file which should be playable
  • An audio file which should be playable
  • An image which can be magnified by clicking on it
  • The menu should not be visible

Here is an example of a mini game that will launch in a popup:

Here's a book that you can navigate:

Here is an example of an audio clip that should be playable:

Here is an example of a video that should be playable:

And an image. You should be able to click on this to make it bigger: